Dynamics NAV 2018 – enable use of V2 extensions

Although this should technically be part of the base install, since V2 extensions are pushed as the “best thing since sliced bread”, it doesn’t seem like this is the case. Just try installing a base version of 2018 without using the Cronus database as the database. This would be the case for any customer that you are upgrading. Now, after you installed NAV 2018 with your custom database, try publishing an app file. You will get a lot of errors, all referencing any base objects that are used in the extension. Why is that? You are missing the symbols in the database – those are preinstalled in the Cronus database, but not, when you upgrade a customer from an older version.

You can install the symbols manually:

  1. Enable “EnableSymbolLoadingAtServerStartup” in your instance configuration.
  2. You will find a “System.app” in the folder “\ModernDev\program files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\110\Modern Development Environment” on the Product DVD. This has to be published using the following command
    Publish-NAVApp -ServerInstance [Instance] -Path [Path to symbols file]\System.app -PackageType SymbolsOnly
  3. You then also have to generate the application symbols, which depend on your application objects and have to be re-generated any time you make changes to your application in C/SIDE. To generate the application objects, please open a command prompt and navigate to your server instance or RTC directory. Then execute the following command:
    finsql.exe Command=generatesymbolreference, Database=[SQL Database], ServerName=[SQL Server] [Credentials]

    [Credentials] depends on the authentication method you are using on the SQL Server. If you are using Windows authentication, you just add “, ntauthentication=1” in place of [Credentials]. If you are using SQL DB Authentication, you will have to add “, ntauthentication=0, username=[SQL user name], password=[password for user]”.

If you do not want to have to generate the application symbols manually every time, you can also always start your C/SIDE development environment using the following command:

finsql.exe generatesymbolreference=yes

You can find a reference of all command line parameters here, but unfortunately, this page was not updated yet to include the newest parameters yet.


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