September 2019 archive

Business Central 2019 Wave 2 – How to add your own headlines

Business Central has headlines that are shown on the role centers. The default headlines only show a greeting and – under certain circumstances – a link to the documentation. You also probably have seen the additional headlines showing sales for the week or other information. These additional headlines are part of the Essential Business Headlines …

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Business Central 2019 Wave 2 – How to extend the Business Charts with your own charts

We all have seen the business charts on the role centers that Microsoft added. It always would have been nice, if you would have been able to add your own charts. Unfortunately, there were no events available so that you had to basically rewrite the page part and replace the existing one. I requested the …

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Adding Demo Data to your apps

When you create apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the goal is to have people use it and pay for your app. For that, besides to just providing great functionality, you also need to work on your online help and marketing. One major piece of the puzzle is also to allow your potential users …

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